Is scrolling available?

Hello, I’m 4 days into Lightburn and haven’t figured out how to scroll to keep the workspace centered in my screen. Can’t find a scroll bar. The windows are in the way and when I drag them to the side the workspace moves and changes size. I’d like to be able to zoom in on an object without it hiding behind other areas of the screen. I have a Thunder Nova 24 60 W, Ruida controller, and I don’t know what firmware is.

Thanks! I’m a first time laser owner and excited to learn!

There isn’t so much a scroll option as a pan feature. Hold the center mouse button and drag to get a repositioning of the work space. One can also zoom out, reposition the mouse, zoom back in, but that’s less convenient.

Pressing and holding the space bar while clicking and holding the left mouse button allows you to pan via moving the mouse.

Thank you! That solves it.

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