Is Sculpfun S9 supported?

I want to buy the Sculpfun S9 laser engraver and I want to know if Lightburn is compaible with it.

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Hi, I have bought the Sculpfun S9 laser engrave a few weeks ago and it works great with Lightburn!

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Thank you! Let’s keep in touch to share tips. I’ll write you as soon as I receive my Sculpfun S9 :wink:

I bought S9 Sculpfun laser some days ago; it works perfectly!

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Hi there, I own a Sculpfun s9 pro and a newbie for laser terminologies and planning to invest for light burn… I am seeing 60dollars and a 120 one, could you tell me which software is best for my unit? Thank you so much…

Sculpfun s9 is GRBL based and runs g-code. That means you can get either license as the more expensive DSP version also runs g-code machines. If you don’t need the DSP capability then you can simply get the g-code version.

Can i ask what devise profile you used when adding the sculpfun?

Just got mine today, works using the GRBL profile.

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