Is that lightburn license are for life time?

I want know what is the expire period of the lightburn grbl licence.

Is that for a life time or limited period ?

A license lasts a year and gets you all the updates that are released during that year. After your license is expired, you can still use the latest version released while your license was active, but can’t upgrade to a new version until you renew your license. The license renewal adds 365 days onto your account, which lets you use the updates released during that time.

So if you bought your software Jan 1, 2018, it expires on Jan 1, 2019, and whenever you decide to renew your license, you’ll be allowed to use updates released until Jan 1, 2020

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You buy LightBurn once and own it forever.

When you first purchase, you are provided access to 365 days of updates for free.

After that date passes, LightBurn will tell you that your license has expired. LightBurn will continue to work. You will not receive access to further updated unless you buy a renewal for the license.

A renewal adds time to the license allowing you to get access to updates. Purchasing a renewal adds an additional 365 days of access to updates.

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Hi Rick,

Does the countdown for the year start when you install? I’ve had a copy for 9 months that has yet to be installed due to ongoing projects.


Correct. The clock starts on the first activation - i.e., the first time you enter your license key successfully. :wink:

PLEASE NOTE: When you renew your license, it adds 365 days to the date that your license expired - it does NOT add 365 days to the renewal date (unless it’s the expired date)

Can I use life time, the same version which I buy the licence. Without upgrading.

Yes. We don’t recommend this because along with new features, we occasionally find bugs that get fixed and rolled out with these updates as well. But, your call. :wink:

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