Is the "Core File from CAD2" or any other portion of CAD2 needed to calibrate Lightburn for Galvo?

First let me say I’m a paid subscriber and owner of lightburn for my 30w Fiber Laser Galvo and a “NOOB” to laser engraving so I hope my question below is comprehendible.

Okay so I just upgraded and installed Lightburn on brand new computer. I tossed my old computer with CAD2 on it away. While calibrating the laser from the instructions provided by Laser Academy, it’s mentioned that “the core file from CAD2 is needed”. Is this something I can do without, obtain here, or is it really needed? Note that my laser engraver is new and I had personally never set any specific settings for myself so whatever we would get off CAD2 would be from the stock unused program that was originally hooked up to my laser and is now no longer a part of my system. Do I need to really transfer anything from the original system now removed that I’d have to go to through the hassle of ripping out the new computer I’ve now installed to reinstall the old, to copy files, rip out the old and back in with the new again all over again or is there a simple patch for instance I could get from you to fill the need for this “CAD2 Core File” if it’s really something needed?

Thanks to all who can help me resolve this as I try to get Lightburn up and running properly on my new laser machine.

-Michael Baker, Jeweler

  1. Need a driver for the escada control board.
  2. Know the laser model for its selection in LB
  3. I\O port settings.
  4. The red beam and lens adjustment can be done by hand, but it takes longer. when buying a machine in ezcad, the seller often already attaches either cor files or screenshots with settings

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