Is the DSP version of LB the same as the Diode Laser Version?

Running the DSP version for my CO2, but updates not working due to TLS initialization failure, looked that thread up and it said to update manually, but is the software file the same and just the key sets the features? Don’t want to hose up my existing version 1.5.01 to v 1.6.x if that isn’t the correct way to do the update to fix the TLS issue.
Thanks Chuck

Hello Chuck

To overcome the TLS issue, please download the latest installer from the website.

Regarding DSP vs. Gcode they are different tiers of the license

Gcode controllers GRBL devices
DSP is for Co2 lasers AND includes Gcode too.

Gill, thanks don’t mean to be dense but the 1.6 version installer with active the correct DSP version? I don’t see any distinction in the download section for DSP vs LB, but when I ordered the CO2 version they gave me a different version, or so I thought.

The installer is universal
In other words, there are no differences on the binaries.
Is the license that activates or not do, the controller types.


Gill, thanks, you get the miracle giver of the day award…
Much appreciated.