Is the LNC LS204A controller definitely compatible with LB?

Looking to buy one with this built-in.

All advice appreciated.


I’ve never heard of this one before and can’t find any info about it in Google - so perhaps that’s a clue right there.

If this is an industrial laser controller (DSP type) then LightBurn supports Ruida and Trocen AWC ones right now. Simple.

I noticed the compatibility list says Boss Laser LS Series so I was wondering if this was one of those.

No, that is a series of machines Boss makes that have a skinned Ruida controller.

Oky. In that case, could there ever be anything that would stop me changing the existing controller for a C3D Laserboard or can it replace anything out there?

Would be useful to know in general as I’ll be buying second hand and need to be sure it will run LB even if I have to C3D it.


It would depend somewhat on the setup. In the most general terms, if it’s stepper motor drivers, limit switches, and a power supply that takes a PWM signal, any laser controller should be able to drive it. If it uses servos with feedback encoder strips, has an RF tube that needs tickle current, or anything that’s a little more exotic like that, then you could still potentially do it, but you’d need more info to be sure.

If you can find anything about it online that would be useful. Like Ray, I was unable to find any info from your model number.

Thanks Oz,

I’ll bear that in mind. Don’t think I’ve seen anything on the C3D site that gives such useful advice.


I did also provide some input when you asked the question in the C3D forum: