Is There A List Of 3rd Party Supported Cameras?

Is there a list of which cameras from 3rd party vendors are actually supported in the LightBurn software?

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I know of no such list at this time.

I hope folks here pile on to this post and post links and details of third party cameras that are working for them.

I think the idea is that any UVC compliant camera could potentially work. I’m not aware of any sort of blacklist. How well they work in practice is the question mark.

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A list needs to be put together. You might as well be Apple with all their proprietary products, if you don’t make a list of cameras, besides LightBurn’s own. I have never, and never will use a MAC product. Please submit everyone’s working 3rd party cameras, and what size bed you are using it on.

Not sure I follow the argument. The availability of the list doesn’t change what cameras work or do not. Cameras that follow standards and don’t otherwise run into something unexpected in code will work. I see that as far from proprietary.

Something proprietary would be from inaccessibility due to compatibility or transparency which isn’t the case here.

Outside of the argument, I do think a list would be helpful to users to reduce the number of surprises and to guide purchasing decisions.

Obviously there are cameras that work. There are people here using 3rd party cameras. By not providing a list, they are trying to steer you towards the cameras they are selling. Though not proprietary, this is very similar to MAC’s type of thinking. A guy on here got a 16mp camera for 40% cheaper than the 8mp they are selling here. That’s wrong in my opinion. I’m not trying to influence you or anyone else. I just want to be able to buy something that I choose, not what LightBurn wants.

I was specifically reacting to the notion of it being proprietary. The motivation aspect of it I see as separate and arguable.

I think that’s a very uncharitable way of looking at it especially given that there’s no discouragement or blacklisting of other cameras and the support given to users with all sorts of camera issues on this site. It seems more plausible that a small business with a small team hasn’t had a chance or hasn’t prioritized amassing and testing a huge selection of possible cameras. By offering some known good ones that have been identified as being fit for purpose and well supported in LightBurn they actively limit the number of variables. This limits the support burden. I think also publishing a formal list would give the impression of the cameras being certified for use in some way. This would be bad especially if the camera had not been formally tested.

Perhaps camera certification is something the LightBurn team could consider but there’s a business cost to that. And frankly there’s a negative way of looking at a certification program as well from a cynical perspective.

I’m sure the LightBurn folks would welcome a community effort to gather such a list.

The ability is there. Nothing prevents this today. So the only thing required is purchasing guidance or experimentation.

A gentleman above state that, “any UVC compliant camera” will work. Where did he get that information? Lightburn Software documentation, or did he figure it out on his own? I don’t care if you think I’m un gratuitous.

That’s me actually.

It’s openly discussed in this forum. A search for compatible cameras will bring up a lot of such cases.

Check this FAQ entry for some discussion of drivers:
Windows 7 Drivers for LightBurn Camera - FAQ - LightBurn Software Forum

I don’t see a specific reference to UVC in LightBurn documentation but the screenshot used only lists non LightBurn cameras. I don’t think in any case is it implied or enforced that only LightBurn cameras are to be used.

I’m only trying to provide context to inform your opinion on motivation. It appeared that you were basing your opinion on a limited perspective that didn’t align to other things I’ve seen across the forum and other interactions. Of course you’re free to come to your own conclusion but at least wanted to provide some contrarian data points.


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