Is there a possibility that the timing and delay settings don't do anything on the lightburn galvo software?

I am trying to dial in my timing and delay settings on my 60W JPT Mopa fiber laser using this tutorial:

The problem is, that there is no difference inbetween “Laser on TC”=0 us or -10000us
this doesn’t make any sense to me.
If I set it to 3000us though, I can see a visible gap
but at -10000 there should be very noticeable burn in, but there isn’t. If this setting is below 1000us, I just can’t see a difference anymore. Can anyone help me finding out why?


Might try this with reasonable values. The basics from your posted photo shows them at 175uS. 3000 to 10000uS is way out of line… and probably range

Even 300 would be closer…

I’ve followed this video and it works…

To start with, I think the video advises to set them all to zero, except polygon.

How is alignment at 0?