Is there a reason the Rotary Chuck does not Pivot?

Just wondering if anyone can give me a reason why the Chuck is stationary. Wouldnt it be better if you could change the angle for tapered objects. I see some that work this way for fiber lasers but not for co2.


This will depend greatly on your machine, your chuck
Most have a tilt ability

But worse case you can always angle it by putting raisers on one side and level the cup

Thanks for the fast reply
The rotary I have is the one from OMtech and a OMtech 100 watt laser. I currently use risers when using the rotary. But it would be much simpler if the angle was adjustable. Is there any reason you know of as to why they are not other than the cost.

Agreed, there are multiple third party options
But i think is all based on cost
Some rotary attachment cost a significant amount of money
1000-2000$ but give you all the bells and whistles of adjustability.
Depends how much production you do on rotary stuff
For a brand they must serve the MOST ammount of users with the most cost effective tools, so i understand their ways

An example, among MANY others, is PiBurn
I mean their stuff is great ! but comes with an Pro Price tag

Lots of chuck rotaries are angle adjustable, some up to around 45, some all the way. With chucks most people only need enough angle to compensate for tapered tumblers or inside rings.

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Yes OMtech has a rotary like this but it specifies Only for Fiber Machines. Not sure why.

have you reached to OmTech to understand what other rotaries they have available?

One thing to consider, looking at example above, a 90 degree pivot chuck has to set a lot higher off the table to clear the motor. one that does 45 only sets lower. This one I doubt would do 90 degrees.

Clearance or the amperage of the stepper would be my guess. Fibers have pretty beefy dedicated rotary outputs

I am not where I can check to be sure but wouldn’t a angle of 0-20 cover almost all cups or glasses.
Clearance is defiantly an issue with my chuck rotary. I have a 100 watt laser with the auto focus feature. With my bed at its lowest position I cannot fit the rotary under the head. I must remove the bed and support rods. I then had to build a support for the rotary to bring it up to the correct height. After mounting the mug I had to insert blocks under the end of the rotary to get the mug level.
My plan is to modify the rotary to first sit lower to the bed. And make it so that I can pivot the the chuck up and down at least 30 degrees. Then hopefully I can use it without having to disassemble my laser.

Thanks to everyone


Yes, 10-20 covers everything you described

These all use nema motors designs. I have a Fiber from Cloudray and a PiBurn 3.0 that I purchased for the OMTech laser…

I interchange them and they work fine…

Sounds like the typical bs from the Chinese vendors… It would benefit all if they specified why they are saying this…

Even with a fiber you need to have a long enough column to support these operations…

Here’s a video (fiber) that shows how to make a table for the rotary… I’ve seen this done on co2 machines also…

Probably do better if you question anything and everything you get from China.


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So question, do you run the chuck rotary on the gantry laser?

I’ve interchanged them both. Used the chuck on the co2 and the PiBurn on the rotary…

There’s no difference with the interface or the mechanism… The co2 has a different step/rotation than the fiber. When you change controllers, you have to change these.


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