Is there a way to adjust the font size on Lightburn?

I have many software’s which upscales themself or upscale event.
Were in Lightburn I can upscale the cut setting editor for example.
There is an option in the settings which change only the icons on the top bar and the tools on the left but that is all as you can see on the pictures attached.

On my system, at 150%:

And at 100%:

However, it appears to stay only if you change it when the software is running, not if you change it globally, then run. The framework we use is probably doing something strange under the hood - I’ll need to have a look - I don’t have an answer as to why that doesn’t work.

Hi Oz,

Thanks for joining. I have restarted the pc already as old fashioned way to fix things but nothing. I do use glasses from time to time mostly when on the phone but whit that font size I’m going from one side of the tv to the other it is relay annoying and ruins the joy of moving from RDworks to Lightburn .
Please can you look at it

I’m here to do some troubleshooting and ext. if needed

Hi Oz.
It has been a power cut of last night at same point and the program has adjusted the resolution. Restart was not enough it has to turn it on and of .All goo now

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