Is there a way to asymetrically size an object? SOLVED

I have a chuck rotator attached to my Cohesion3D board and I’d like to print on an egg shaped object. To do this I’d need to intentionally ‘shrink’ one end of an object that I want to print, scaling the end closer to the narrower end of the egg so that the resulting print is roughly orthogonal.

I’m not even sure how to do this in Inkscape, but was wondering, given the surprisingly capabilities of Lightburn, if there was a way to do it in Lightburn. The source file is SVG.

Maybe, if you select your object and grab one of the sides of the selection box, it will just size in that direction. Grabbing a corner makes it size symmetrically. The issue will be that the radius does not change, so it’s an oval rather than egg shaped. From there, you should be able to add nodes to further deform the shape to be more egg like. I tried it but can’t seem to add nodes, but something to play with.

Also look up nodes in Inkscape

I found the missing step in Lightburn.

Draw an oval
Select the oval using the select tool
Right click and select convert to path
Select the node edit tool

You can now make you oval egg shaped by dragging the nodes.

Another thought in Inkscape is to draw you egg using the bezier tool.

Thanks for the reply, but I am looking for a method that didn’t require editing nodes. As it turns out, I just found that there is an extension for Inkscape that does (almost) exactly what I want. I took a snap of the steps I took:

Step 1 is simply loading my SVG file.
Step 2 is where I drew a trapezoid roughly matching the diameter change of my ‘egg’ (from fat bottom to skinnier top).
Step 3 I turned the chip on its side. I have no idea why I needed to do that, but the extension rotates the object when applying the transform.
Step 4 Select the object to be transformed, select the perspective box, and then run Extensions->Modify Path->Perspective and you get number 4 (which destructively imports the object in 3).

Piece o’ cake!

After thinking of my previous attempt at adding perspective to the image, I realized that I had the warp going in the wrong direction. If I want the image to appear ‘normal’ on the skinnier part of the egg, I would need to increase the number of steps since the mm/degree on the smaller circumference is smaller. To get a uniform mm width, I’d need to sweep through a greater angle.

So, with that, I’ve inverted my perspective shape with the result looking like this:
Now all I need to do is turn some eggs so I can try it out!

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