Is there a way to configure Lightburn bridge with a BJJCZ controller?

Hello- I am using a fiber laser with a BJJCZ controller. I recently swapped to Lightburn as I really need to be able to remotely control my laser & was hoping to be able to do so with LightBurn Bridge.

Is it possible to configure LightBurn Bridge with a laser that has doesn’t have an IP address (no ethernet port)?

Thank You!!!

No, it’s not possible. There is far too much very quick time sensitive communications with a fiber laser to support something like that.

LightBurn Bridge at the moment only supports DSP controllers.

Thank you @KimFlynn - I figured it would likely take some tinkering to make feasible (if at all).

Do you think it could be achieved through converting (laser BJJCZ controller board output):
USB-A => USB => Ethernet
& assigning a static IP address to the port (

Or does it still require the DSP controller?


LightBurn Bridge was made to resolve protocol-level troubles with the Ruida controller family running UDP; in certain networks it’d drop the design, or corrupt it in transit. LightBurn Bridge transmits the design with a more reliable mechanism. (see here for more info)

There’s no way to use a DSP controller as an intermediary to talk to a galvo device, as their protocols and behaviors are entirely separate. Regardless of that, a running laser should not be left unattended.

In short; presently there’s no way to use LightBurn Bridge to add Ethernet functionality to your galvo device.


Thank you so much for the information & clarity @KimFlynn! Makes sense that a DSP can’t be used as intermediary as their exchange of data packet type differs from galvo.

Unfortunately I don’t have the best workspace for my laser. Just moved into a new apartment with a dedicated extra room for laser/maker space. The goal was to have the laser controlled from another office room with ventilation to outside + VOC extractors & to monitor laser with a nanny cam.

Time to buy a very long USB-A to USB!