Is there a way to copy/paste inserted text?

I frequently have to use a list of names/text to insert into a variety of the same object. Basically do an array of a design and insert individual people’s names to personalize. Right now I’m having to jump out of Lightburn and cut paste each name from the source because I cannot reuse the text once it has been inserted into Lightburn. It’s a bit cumbersome going back and forth so often, would really be an advantage if there is a way of using text that is already in the program. Is there an easy way to do this that I’m missing?

You can copy entire sections of text but trying to extract a portion of a text field won’t work well.

However, based on what you’re describing this may be a good candidate for using Variable Text. This allows you to use a list of text as input to be auto-populated into specific areas of the design.

More information on Variable Text here:
Variable Text in LightBurn - LightBurn Software Documentation

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Bring the object into LightBurn without any text or name and just add the text on a different layer.

I’ve made a lot of dog tags and have a few different sayings on the back. I just move the one I am going to use into place, modify the text, and turn on that layer.

My method is similar. I bring in the list of names as and put them all on the frame layer (so it won’t burn)

Grab one at a time, place it where it needs to go, and then put that name on the burn layer (#1 typically).

Once used, change the layer back to frame and move it out of the way

Grab another name and repeat steps

While we understand a few names can be managed manually, larger name sets can be automated to help save time processing these jobs. This is precisely one of the use cases used when designing the LightBurn ‘Variable Text’ feature as @berainlb suggested above. :slight_smile:

While I thank everyone for their input, I don’t believe that these suggestions will work for me. I want to burn the array of items at once and just work on the computer while it processes uninterrupted. I just need the ability to quickly cut text. Oh well, I appreciate the answers. Thanks all.

This is unquestionably doable using the Array tool or Virtual Array in combination with Variable Text. You define auto-increment of the names, so each object gets the new name from the list when processing or in Preview.


I’m sorry I didn’t fully understand everyone the first go. Thanks for sticking along with me on this Rick! Found a great video and it is so much easier than I would have ever thought.

God I wish you guys were in Canada. I love your program so much I wish I could work for your place and be a part of this awesome company. Great job Lightburn team!

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Check this out, Rick kept pushing me and I’m glad he did. Popping into an array takes care of everything too. As long as you get everything into a CSV it saves so much work.

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Figured this out, would not have thought you could use this in conjunction with Array. Thanks!!

No need to wish, we have a few folks from up north! While we are a relatively small origination, we are spread about the globe. You are welcome, Craig. :slight_smile:

Check this out, Rick kept pushing me and I’m glad he did. Popping into an array takes care of everything too. As long as you get everything into a CSV it saves so much work.

It also works with circular array and copy along path, in case you need to make a weird shaped clock and don’t want to enter all the numbers manually. :slight_smile:


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