Is there a way to dither a fill with a vector file?

I would like to change fill in a vector file to an image such as dither.

If you wish the ‘fill’ to be an image, I don’t think that’s supported. I remember it being mentioned here on this site.

You can check out the ‘Suggested Features’ and/or suggest one.

Good luck.


You would have to convert the vector shapes to a bitmap first, then you could dither the bitmap. You can do this in LightBurn by selecting the shapes, then right-clicking and choosing ‘Convert to Bitmap’. Give the bitmap a decent enough DPI to work with (500 to 600 is usually plenty).

The resulting bitmap will be 50% gray, so if you want it lighter or darker, use the brightness value in ‘Adjust Image’ to tweak it.

You could try to use a large texture bitmap as a background, and use the vector shapes as a mask. Select the bitmap image and everything you want filled and “Tools->Apply Mask To Image” and it creates an Image layer LIKE a Fill.

So far, I’ve found the way is to load the vector file into a program use snip and clip and past into Inkscape. Do a bucket fill the export as a png file that can then be imported in Lightburn as an Image.

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