Is there a way to generate a Soft Reset to GRBL system?

System: NEJE Master 2S Plus with GRBL 1.1f
I would like to be able to $slp my system and then wake it up with a 0x18 (Ctrl-x) command. The purpose is to position the beam over a rotator, sleep so I can swap in the Rotator in place of the X Motor, and then wake up the system without losing the position information.

I can $slp and get back the “Sleeping” message, but I can’t type in CTRL-x in the console window to wake up the laser. Right click on the Devices button performs a hard reset and I lose all the position information.

Why does the position information matter if you’re swapping an axis anyway?

We don’t have a way to send the Ctrl+X at the moment.

Ok, thanks.

The position isn’t the important part, it’s that the laser is in the Homed state and Y can be moved without trying to hack up some kind of offset calibration scheme. I can obviously find a workaround, there always is, but it would have been convenient if I could use the features of the GRBL commands.

EDIT: Never mind. I just found out that I can’t use X axis as a rotator anyway… The rotator setup only supports Y, Z, or A axis. The X axis connector is conveniently located for swapping. The Y isn’t.

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