Is there a way to get lightburn to reverse cut for cutting out circles?

Hello, I’m trying to make round Christmas photo image ornaments for a friend. I’m dropping the image into lightburn. Then I draw a circle around the round image to cut it out of 3mm Maple. My issue is the maple is a tad thicker than normal 3mm bass wood that I can easily cut out with like 5 passes with air assist at 200 mms at 80%.

I was wondering if I can get lightburn to cut the circle say 10 passes and switch direction each pass?

Is this an option I can turn on, I know shapes it will switch directions but nothing for circles?
My machine is an Ortur Laser master 2 15w


I will let you decide whether this workaround is a “bug” or a “feature”.
try turning on lead-in and lead-out then preview and watch this little red cross and see if your circle will switch direction each pass.

Squid YES YOU ROCK!!! Worked perfectly THANK YOU!!!

Switching directions generally leave a gap at the direction change. If you convert the circle to a path, then break the connection between two lines (hover at a node, press ‘B’) then it will automatically reverse with each pass when cutting, because the shape is open.

OZ will this work with all Cut shapes or lines not just circles? I really haven’t messed with paths. Mostly buying cut files from etsy and just dropping them into lightburn. I want to be able say if I have a cut file to have it reverse each direction. I find my Laser cuts much better reversing direction it seems than continuing along the same path? Any link or instruction on how to do this? Thanks!

If your laser somehow cuts better when reversing direction instead of continuing along the same path, something is likely wrong. :slight_smile:

The instructions are in the previous post:

I’ve downloaded multiple cut files that have this in the file itself. Sadly I guess i have to learn how to do it. When I run those files the back and forth cuts twice as fast vs if it just follows a path repetitively. Does that make more sense? I think it allows the air assist to do a better job as well to clean out the mess.

I have three laser units and all cut much better (reduced cycles) if it goes back and forth over the cut line vs say a square. It goes around the entire square the same direction 5 times. It normally punches thru on the 3rd pass if it would reverse. Maybe it’s the air assist placement allowing it to get a better angle who knows.

Why are you cutting at such a high speed with so many passes, is it due to the type of wood? On 3mm wood using my 100w laser I would expect to cut at around 40mm/s on a single pass.

I upgraded to a 10w Endurance so maybe I’ll have to give this a shot. Good point but to note faster multiple passes leaves a much cleaner cut vs moving very slowly.

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