Is there a way to have an image or pattern fill to a border but stay within it?

for instance, if i had a pattern i wanted bounded within a cut line, so the pattern engrave was only within, say, an oval, even though the original pattern import was a square or an irregular shape, and the rest of the pattern was cut off beyond that line. it would be super handy for filling patterns in an irregularly shaped cut line. is that something lightburn can do?

not sure if the question made sense how i worded it, but essentially i want my pattern cropped so it is only inside my cut line, and any part of it outside that cut line is cut off and not engraved.

Not sure if it applies, but I had a similar problem with making rubber stamps.Had to put another line just inside to get it to engrave / cut in the right sequence. Something about it ‘toggling’ between sets of lines. It’s been a while and that’s all I remember.

i think i found what i’m looking for!

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