Is there a way to modify the workspace?

Hi, recently I switched from EZCAD2 to LightBurn, due to a lot of problems with EZCAD.

I was able to configurate the soft parameters to work with the laser, but there seems to be no way to modify the workspace. Also I want to modify the 0;0 position from bottom left to top right.

I saw in internet a lot of tutorials, but for some reason there are a lot of options that doesn’t appear.

I’m sure it’s possible, but there is limited information on how these controllers work internally.

I attempted to help a person move his on a Chinese tube laser… he ended up paying someone to help him and both of them were stumped. I think it was completed, but he advised it wasn’t worth the cost and trouble.

It sounds like it’s simple but that seems far from the truth… from what people report…

I’d use it as is and enjoy it with the slight inconvenience of having to flip the image. Might be easier to switch Ezcad.

Let us know if you figure it out…

Good luck


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What is your goal that 0,0 top right will work better for you.

You can change your job origin to any corner or the center of any axis, and plan your job accordingly…

0,0 At bottom left is pretty much a universal standard, and probably allows for more compatibility across a greater number of controllers.

I personally use top left as my origin, and manage to do everything I want to do.

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For some reason, the “laser” window is different.

I want the top right beacuse we’ve been working that way for some time. But we can change in any case.

What is most important for us is to change the workspace. We have a 300x300mm laser. But we want to set a smaller space and work on it. Is that possible?

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You don’t have the job origin on a Galvo laser. You probably need to get a smaller lens then change the machine settings to match. I have a 300x300 machine and just zoom in to work on tiny projects.

The 0,0 position is fixed by default within the program.

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Thanks Jeff, but I dont want to work on tiny projects. I want to reduce the workspace so it’s the same as the metal sheet we want to engrave. So we dont need to match the laser projection and the metal sheet in every engraving we do.

Draw a square and put it on the tool layer. Work within the square. Set up stop blocks on the laser platform.

that’s what we will do if we can’t modify the workspace.


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