Is there a way to select by color?

so youre in lightburn, you have a list of cuts/colors,

and you look, and you see (random example) …layer 10, red, and you think… wait, why is that even showing up in the list, i see nothing of that color/cut type.

clearly, im working and dont want to select everything, dont wanna do it one by one either… some areas i can select and make sure they are all one cut type… or another…
but is there a way to select everything of that cut/layer type? if there is, how? and thanks in advance.

or perhaps we (you guys @lightburn) should make a way… wink wink

thanks folks

Select the cut layer in the “Cuts / Layers” window then choose Edit > Select Shapes In Current Cut Layer
Note that if some of these shapes are grouped, the system may have to un-group them in order to select them.

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If you right click on a layer it will briefly flash all objects on that layer. If you shift+click a layer it will select all objects on that layer.


ty sir. im going to print that and paste it on the wall here next to me

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