Is there a way to set a timer so the laser will automatically turn off and on every 30 minutes?

Hi guys. Still new to this and sorry if it’s in the wrong category. Title says it all. Thanks for your help

Can you explain how you would use this? “Turning On” a laser simply means applying power, generally speaking around here. It doesn’t do much at that stage until code is loaded onto it.


I think he’s asking cause i remember that in Lasergrbl ther is a setting that turn off laser after 30 min of work, for 5 or 10 min, to preserve module and let it cool down a little, even during a job.

That is a reasonable use case, although, as far as I know, not supported in LB.

OP needs to learn that the “title doesn’t say it all”. As you know, if you have a question, ask it clearly and crisply. Don’t waste our time trying to guess what you want.


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