Is there a way to use Lightburn to drill, instead of using laser?

Hello passionate lightburn users

I am a new user of LightBurn in France and I would like to know if this software can also generate the code for using my CNC with a milling machine? I am currently using it with a 5w laser and it works very well, however, my CNC is more used as a milling machine and I would like to know if this mode is supported by the software, in an option?

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Look at the previous Feature Requests for this functionality and upvote

No point upvoting a feature request for a “feature” that’s already being developed as a new piece of software called “Millmage”. Timeline not announced but in development by the team that brought you Lightburn.

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I also have a CNC machine. I know there are lots of folks that have a CNC machine and have added a laser engraver to the CNC machine and use Lightburn to control the CNC machine when using the laser. But i dont believe they use Lightburn when using it as a CNC machine.

Like a 3018 with laser option. Lightburn has very minimal Zaxis control, so it is not suitable for a Mill unless you are interested in a lot of Gcode editing. Lightburn has heard our cries, including mine, and MillMage will be a big hit.