Is there an eraser function

Hi Folks im looking for some advise
i have an online of a heart and i need to delete the outline and just leave the centre line

i need a step by step guide

i think i have uploaded screen shot
hope you can help
stay safe

Remove the outside by node edit or trace the part you want and then delete the original.

If you ‘drag and drop’ the .lbrn2 file on the reply window it will upload it or use the download-icon-lightburn icon in the tool bar.

We can usually give you better advise as we can ‘manipulate’ it…

Might be fixed by now… :crazy_face:

Good luck


Its uploaded now :slight_smile: …i think lol

Don’t see it…

Should show up as a ‘clickable’ link in your reply.


Not yet, Try again! :smiley:

Try this.

Select All,

Ensure Ungrouped.

Select 1 half of heart and delete.

Select node edit.

Click on outer of heart and delete (D key shortcut)

Should be done.

Hi thanks for that Yea it works
thanks :slight_smile: one question
min power
constant power mode
when should i use them and what settings ??
thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

I’m as just a beginner as the next man but I believe the min power is the lowest power setting the laser will drop to when making curves or turning due to laser having to slow to make the direction change.

Constant is when the power from the laser is constant and pulsed does as it says and pulses the laser.

Maybe someone more experienced can explain the advantages of both.

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