Is there an event interface to LightBurn? [SOLVED]

To understand what I mean, I’ll explain what I would like. I would like to receive a notification when my laser cutting operation is complete. I’m not looking for LightBurn to do the notification work, but it would be handy if LightBurn had a means to launch a user entered command string “xyzzy something something” at key points in the ‘start/finish’ execution. The ‘keyist’ point is the end of a run. Start of a run would be kind of nice, but end of run is what I’d really like.

What is it that you want this for?

My laser is located in the loft of my workshop. If I have a job that runs for hours, it would be very useful if I can simply check the status from my first floor office. Lots of ways to do this, but the first step is to have LightBurn do ‘something’ that would allow me to notify my system downstairs.

That’s the immediate ‘requirement’/desire. Maybe something else would come to me, but that’s what prompted my question.

BTW, thanks for the fast response!

I assumed it would be something like that, which means that I cannot do it - A laser should never be run without supervision. I can’t stop you from doing it, but I certainly won’t help you do it either. If you burn your house down with you in it, I need to be able to sleep at night.

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I accept your forthright position. In my case I wouldn’t leave the building, but I won’t wait up in the loft while the laser scans back and forth, back and forth…
I guess I’ll have to solve this by electronic means.
Thanks for your fast reply.

I do understand the temptation, but I personally know a few people who’ve had laser fires doing the most benign things - one was engraving slate (completely non-combustible) and had a fire because his X-belt snapped, and the frayed bit got into the laser path, caught fire, lit the acrylic lid, and the rest, as they say is history, along with a decent portion of his garage. It’s not worth the risk.


Well, taking your concerns to heart, I’ve come up with a solution that works for me and is ‘reasonably’ responsible. I repurposed a RaspberryPi I had kicking around and set up a webcam inside the K40 enclosure. Now I can keep an eye on things while I’m in my office.

Thanks for the ‘parenting’ :wink:

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