Is there an option to fill the workspace with multiple of the same image

Looking to maximize my workspace with the same image side by side. ( I want to cut the same image on a piece of stock 20-30 times)

There are 2 tools: a grid array and a circular array
lightburn array
lightburn  grid array

@patricr is spot on. If you hover the mouse over most everything, then hit the ‘F1’ (help) key, you will be taken to our documentation, with focus to the page where we discuss the subject in detail, like below.

The LightBurn ‘Grid Array’ tool allows you to copy a shape (or shapes) with regular spacing horizontally, vertically, or both, and includes options to adjust spacing, to shift odd rows, mirror the shapes, and more.

The Radial Array tool lets you create copies of a shape (or shapes) around a central point. This is useful for creating ornamental patterns, clock faces, and more.

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