Is there an option to set and auto adjust steps per mm in lightburn now?

Hi there,
I did a search for this question on the forum, but didn’t really find out what I’m asking. I have a DIY scratch built laser setup with a 7watt Blue diode laser head to put on it. The controler is a GRBL 1.1 called Woodpecker CNC. Its the same one that is used on the SainSmart Model 3018 -Pro
Anyways…… can I set and test the steps/mm in lightburn ( I read an old post from 2019 saying that feature was going to be added), or do I need to do that in some freeware controller such as Candle, laser GRBL…

I’m new to GRBL. my big CNC used to run on mach3 then I got a standalone offline controler for it. I currently have the laser head on the big CNC but will move it too the new laser setup.



You would never need to use external software just to change the steps per mm settings - those can be accessed from the console by setting $100 and $101, or you can change them in Edit > Machine Settings.

If you want it to do the math for you, that’s different, and you can do that too: in Edit > Machine Settings, and click the ‘Calibrate Axis’ button on the bottom.

Thanks Oz!


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