Is there any manual/documentation for RUIDA that doesn't suck?

I’m trying to figure out some stuff for my laser. I downloaded the manual for the controller, and it’s clearly of the type “I’m writing about something I know jack shit about” or “I write this because I have to, but I don’t care…”. A typical description for a setting is something like ": Change the value of by pushing ". It tells nothing about the finer details of what the setting actually means.

Example: Actual quote, this is the entire description of Max/min power: “Push the “Max Power” or the “Min Power” keys when the screen is on the main interface, it will show as below: (picture here) When “Z/U” key is pushed, the green block can move up and down to denote the changing item, then “Y+/-” keys and “X+/-” keys can be used to change the value.”. That’s all. It says nothing about if that’s max/min power for the running job, if it’s for scaling power from the software, if it’s limits or what it is, it just tells the obvious, but uninteresting stuff.

Is there any usable documentation somewhere?

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If you visit this forum and sign up (it is free), you will be able to download a great manual that has been completely rewritten.

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Hi Halfnormal,

Thanks for the info. I’ve signed up to the rdworkslab forum and done a search for both Ruida Controller manual download and rewritten Ruida Controller manual download. No indication there might be anything of the sort. Just suggests that I go and download the manual from the Ruida site.

Any direct link to what you are talking about please?


Just download the manual for the controller from the ruida website, it is not that bad

Try googling “rdworks manual rewritten”.

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the input!
I’ve found it! The link is as follows:

If that doesn’t work try this one:


I am glad you found it.

Looks like all the files on that forum were lost. Anyway you can post the file on here?

Is there a chance you could send me the Ruida rewritten manual that you found? The forum you posted lost all of its files.
Thanks in advance!

I’ve posted it to our Google Drive, here:

Thanks but that’s for the software, not the controller

Unfortunately that’s all I have, and the only thing I’m aware of that was re-translated. What kind of info are you looking for?

Same as the OP was asking

If you can be a little more specific than “some stuff”, there are lots of people here who know plenty about the hardware and might be able to help with the information you’re looking for.

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Min/Max Power (cutting)


As the laser head travels along a path, its speed varies, slowing as it turns corners and increasing to the speed set for the layer when moving in a straight line. By selecting suitable values for Min and Max Power, the depth of cut can be kept more even than if Min and Max are set equal.

As well as the Min and Max power settings and the speed set for the layer, the Start Speed found in the Cut parameters section of the User Settings comes into consideration.

At speeds of Start Speed and below, only the Min power is used.
Above the Start Speed, the power is increased linearly until the Max power is acheived at the layer speed.
When using layer speeds at or below the Start Speed, there is often confusion if the Min and Max power are different, because the Min power is used, and the laser seems to be down on power. Increasing the layer speed by just 0.1mm/s from the Start Speed to just above it results in an apparently anomalous increase in cutting power, because the power used increases from the Min power to the Max power.


I have a copy that I will link to tomorrow. Life is getting in the way now!

Hi Jack,

I can’t seem to post a PDF on this forum and when I try to save as “acceptable format” e.g. jpg we end up with 88 separate pages. I’ve sent the PDF directly through to your email address but it is 5.7 MB so I’m not sure if it will come through. If no I can post it to some drop box.

Let me know…



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He is the link to the thread containing the rewritten RDWorks software manual at the rebuilt website.

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Thanks for getting the new link re-posted.

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