Is there no longer a ramp feature?

I just went from RDWorks to Lightburn. While it does seem more stable than RDWorks, I seem to not be able to find alot of the features I have been reading about in the Forum.

Ramp is one of them.

Can anyone help me find this feature?

Rudia controller, and I manually installed my laser because I have it on WiFi.

Ramp is still available on Fill modes, maybe you are looking at an Image layer?

Yessir, I am looking at an image…that is how I always have used RDWorks.

Create my drawing in Adobe Illustrator, then save my file as a .ai vector and import as an .ai file.

Does ramp only work on things I have actually drawn in Lightburn?

And thanks for your reply.

Correct, as I understand it the ramp option is only available on Fill modes, even before this recent update.

It is a bit frustrating to not have it on images to be sure, but the trace function to turn them into vectors works pretty well.

I really appreciate your replies…but I am somewhat confused at this point, as to home I actually make my rubber stamp ramped now.

I just outlined it and went into the cuts layer and made it fill, then chose my ramp size.

I chose fill, and it actually cut the image that was supposed to be left.

Very new to Lightburn, so I am sure my questions seem very elementary.

No, this is not correct. ‘Fill’ settings can be applied to any support vector or vector file format, no madder where it was originally generated.

If you want to apply a ‘Ramp’ to a job with an image, you can add a frame shape, one rectangle inside another, the job to achieve this.

Ok, you can add a ramp effect as a border, but not add ramp to an Image mode layer.

Correct, and I was answering the question about applying a ‘Ramp’ only to shapes created within the LightBurn UI as the OP suggested. This is incorrect.

Currently and since the first release supporting ‘Ramp’, LightBurn allows the 'Ramp" to be applied to any filled shape, regardless of the software used to create the shapes.

If the drawing was created in Illustrator as vectors and you imported it as vectors into LightBurn, then yes, you can use the ramp feature with it.

If you import the design into LightBurn as an image file, you cannot use the ramp feature there. You could trace the image to convert it back to vectors. Can you show a screen shot of the LightBurn interface with your design loaded so we can see what you’re working with?

Thanks for the replies again.

I stated the wrong thing first.

I am creating the file in Illustrator and then importing the .jpg.

I apologize…I actually worked all thru the night and have still not yet slept…So I will have to reply with the screenshots in the morning when I get back into the shop.

Ever work over 24 hours straight trying to get caught up in your shop…while trying to learn and implement new software? It does not result in positive workflow…hahahaha.

But originally I was trying to ramp a .jpg file that was created in Illustrator…to make a rubber stamp.

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