Is this too far away from my laser bed?

I just got my 90 degree angle, 5MP, lightburn camera and I’m not sure if this seems too far away. My bed size is 16" x 30" and from where the camera would be mounted it would be about 31" to the bed. It’s not set up yet and I just wanted to know your thoughts before I continue. Thanks in advance.

The “ideal” mounting gets the whole usable bed area in view, and very little else. If you can move down a bit, you should, assuming it’s ok to have the camera there when the lid is closed.

It’s not “too far”, but you’re definitely losing some usable resolution there.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many options for moving it. The only other option I can think of Is to get a different, wider angle Lightburn camera and mount it on the lid directly above the bed (roughly 13" high from the bed) and only be able to see the bed when the lid is closed. Could that be a viable option?

The 160 degree might see the whole bed from that angle. It’s workable, but we’re out of stock on those, and will be for a bit because of the situation in China. Manufacturers are taking an extended holiday.

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Other than that, I’m not sure what to do about this, unfortunately. I’d like to see if anyone else has gotten around this issue already. After measuring, it seems like I would need to mount it 10" lower than where it would be originally. I don’t think that would even be possible with my machine.

Try it with the camera mounted where it is, as a starting point. Double sided 3M tape and a decent mount might give you more flexibility. You could mount it on the acrylic of the lid, pointing down over the bed. It doesn’t have to be directly overhead - the camera code will correct a lot.

What would the 60 degree do in this case?

60 deg would be too narrow. His bed is 30" wide, so the 60 deg would need to be about 36.5" above it to see the whole thing. There’s unfortunately a pretty big jump in the field of view between them.

ok, thank you. Is there a 75 degree possible to obtain? I still feel that my 90 captures too much and my cam is approx 690mm above my bed. Also, I am going to start another question unless you can tell me what to do to fix my camera on my new laptop, I have a black screen in lightburn and the windows camera app

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