Is two finger zoom supposed to work in LightBurn?

I’ve added a touchscreen supporting multitouch to the Windows 10 MiniPC I have attached to my Cohesion3D board (Smoothieware). I can’t figure out how to zoom in or out using two finger pinch in the laser bed window.
The zoom function works on Windows 10 apps (like Paint3D, for example), but the function may be implemented locally in those apps rather than synthesizing the scroll wheel function.

Gesture support is something we’ll eventually do, but it’s kind of a pain in the butt because of how LightBurn does it’s page management. The framework we use manages the gestures for us, but it only works if you have a scroll area set up. LightBurn handles all its own page rendering and usable area handling, so that will need to be rewritten in order for gestures to work.

Thanks for the fast reply! Ok, I can understand and deal with this. It’s not a biggie for me as I do most of my editing on my workstation and I can use hotkeys to zoom if needed at the laser. It was as much a ‘sanity’ check that I wasn’t missing something.

Thanks again.

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