Issue after update 1.3.01 stuck on busy 100%

Lightburn was working fine up to 2 days ago, new version update and now the laser is stuck on 100% / Busy. When I exit the program it states I’m streaming and asks if I want to exit. Additionally, my mouse and keyboard stop working or are slow to respond. I tried to go to Github and download previous version but nothing there for 64 bit exe that I could see only 32 and Linux

Looks like LB doesnt get a confirmation after homing command. Does it home ?

The 64bit release on Github is simply named as “LightBurn-v1.2.04.exe”. Just the 32bit release is marked.

Hi Sven - the laser is homing, I will try to re-install the 1.2.04 exe and see if that resolves the issues

turns out it was an issue with my USB cable that seemingly coincided with an update to the software. Replaced cord and up and running again :slight_smile: thanks for helping!!

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