Issue engraving with Atomstack A5 20w

Hi Everyone, Im Helberth and im new in this world of laser cut, Nice to meet you.

This week i got my Atomstack A5 20w, im having trouble to engrave with the Lightburn software. Using 200.0 speed and 85% power, my laser poorly engrave slightly.

Ive read before abour some codes to write in the console, but i prefer ask if i need to write one of this commands before i do something wrong. Any help would be gladly apreciated.

Hi I have the same machine and it works just fine. First what material are you trying to to engrave? Wood, plastic, paper? Each need different settings. To be able to help we need to know a bit more about what you are trying to do. Also have you got the speed set to mm or inches? MM is the correct setting. I engrave bamboo wood and birch wood at 2000mm with a power setting 75%. Let us know more about your setting to get better advice.

You don’t say what material you’re trying to engrave. The photo looks like MDF, but I’m not sure.

Your setup shows 200mm/sec which it very fast. Try slowing down the speed to 50mm/sec, 50% power, and one pass (you shouldn’t need more than one pass to engrave this material), you should get better results and then you’ll have a starting point to adjust speed and/or power from there.

You should clarify 2000mm/min as a simple dimension of 2000mm is not a speed. @Wyvern 's units are in mm/sec so an equivalent speed would be 33.3mm/sec - VERY different!

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Hello. This one im testing on is 3mm mdf. The speed is set to mm/sec. Fill shapes at once on option too.

Next week im planning engrave tiles. Meanwhile im training in mdf.

Hello, yes im sorry i forgot to write the material. Yes its 3mm MDF. Thank you so much, im gonna try this configuration and let yopu know when i finish.

Thank you for the explanation Tom

I tried with the parameters you told me. the engrave look much better. The first one from above was made with the laser distance almost 2 cm, adn the second one below 2mm laser distance.

And thats another thing, i have tight the x rotary and every time the laser is working shakes a lot.

I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about here. ‘laser distance’ from what? to what?

In any case, you have enough exposure now to show that you have some significant tuning to do. I suggest that you contact the mfr support for help.

Im sorry. The distance focus laser. I tried the basic one using the 2 mm acrilyc, and then adding more distance. With the parameters now im understanding the idea of the variety of settings. I was thinking i was using bad parameters, and because of that the result of bad engraving and that the laser until now doesnt cut even cardboard. Now i realize ( besides learning about the parameters), the laser base on the x rotary shakes a lot not matter what speed or power i use.

An example when engraving

Thank you for the suggestion.

Your machine was designed to work with the laser 2mm from the surface you are engraving. Regards the shacking, I would check your belt and roller settings. Remove any slack in the belt and adjust the roller so that the carriage moves smoothly. I found that slackening off the roller so that when turned it did not move the carriage was a good starting point. Then tighten bit by bit till when the roller is turned with your finger it starts to move the carriage. This should cure your shaking and give you better results. Note I have found MDF a bit inconsistent due to the amount of moisture it has absorbed. Getting the best results is something that will only come with practice. Wright down your settings for each test and make only one adjustment each time so that you can compare the difference it has made. .

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Thank you . Im gonna do all what you said right now and ill tell you later the results when i finish.

@RonClarke I do what you said: Since t re adjust everything and also putting tigh the screws under the rotary, the machine focus excelent, and i can engrave nice and neat. I can keep practicing with other materrials and motivated.

Thank you so much for taking your time to respond and help me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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