Issue importing Tool Layer

For some reason I can no longer get T1 to properly import from an SVG any more, it’s possible it’s since upgrading to 1.1.03 but i’m not sure I haven’t had time to install the previous version to check.

For T1 I’m using #f36926, anyone have any ideas?

We made an adjustment back in 2021, excluding the Tool Layers from import color matching.

Hmm I’m a little confused, are you saying that I can no longer have tool layers in my svg files? I could of sworn this was working in 1.1.00 I’ll have to double check.

Why on Earth would you guys actively REMOVE a feature that people use? If someone has an issue with it, why not allow it to be disabled rather than just removing it for everyone? I found this post because I have the same question - I include tool layers in my designs to make arrangement simpler when using the cameras, now I have to blow the designs apart and re-separate components manually. Please re-enable color match to tool layers and, if necessary, provide an option to enable/disable it. I don’t care which is the default as long as it is an option.

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We got a large number of support requests from people importing files that had content ending up on tool layers who didn’t understand why or how to change them, and a bunch of others who said exactly the opposite thing you did - IE, “Why on earth would you import part of my design to a layer that won’t run on the laser?”

This falls squarely into the “no good deed goes unpunished” / “can’t please all the people all the time” category. I can look at making this a setting.

Edit: This is now a preference in the next release.


Thank you for making it a preference!

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