Issue Running .OUT File

Hi, my makerspace just received a generic yellow and black Chinese 40W CO2 450x300 laser. We replaced the tube and lens, everything else was already in very good condition. We were able to manually pulse the laser from the control panel without issue. We also ran a .OUT file that had been previously loaded. So, we started a LightBurn trial and made a .OUT test file. There was no problem uploading it to the controller. However, when we try to run the file, it says “system wait”. The controller is TopWisdom. Anyone know if there’s a TopWisdom system update available? Or, is it time to replace the controller?
Unfortunately, there’s no identification marks or nameplate on the laser and it didn’t come with a manual. The controller also doesn’t have a model number.

TopWisdom is close to being done, but it’s still not officially supported. The current public release has basic support with a number of bugs. The next release fixes the known bugs and adds a few more features. We’re still working on machine settings and rotary.