Issue selecting single line for layer

Hello. Noob here.

I drew the attached captured image in Fusion 360 and then imported into lightburn as a dxf. I selected all the shapes and changed the layer to red.
I want to change the one line (circled in picture) that cuts across the drawing to a different layer color of green. But selecting that line always results in the long line perpendicular to it getting selected also. How can I select just the one line?

Those two lines could be part of the same group. Try Arrange->Ungroup and see if that separates them.

If it was grouped it would show a “dot-dot-dash” pattern instead of just dashed.
I’ll guess that those items are actually joined as one part and it’ll take a quick dab of node editing to separate them.

I figured it out. I had to click break a party to make it 2 lines. Then I was able to select the one line.

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