Issue when engraving

Hi guys

A Friend is setting his 4060 80w laser with ruida controller

His cuts are perfect and alignment is great but when he adds scan/engrave into the design it’s comes out like it’s shadowing.

I would add some scanning offsets. The option is in the device settings.

Basically measure how much it was off, and put in half that for the value, and see if that clears it up any. If it does, it’ll be minor adjustments to get it perfect after that. Since the cuts are fine, I wouldn’t do anything with backlash adjustment.

Curious, if you use the scanning offsets is it only accurate at the speeds set or will it interpolate between speeds?

It’ll interpolate as best it can. Make sure you set a higher and lower end too, so it has the best data.

All good I was helping him over the msg and when I asked him to check scanning offset and sent a link to the guide he missed it m, I asked again if the offset was good. Just finished and now it’s working perfect

Thanks for chiming in

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