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I have a Boss LS 1630. I have the newest version of 9:20 I believe. I have it installed on my desktop and my surface pro 7. Both have worked fine. On my laptop, in the camera drop down the live image of the laser bed is showing and you can see your hand live but when you hit update overlay to show the image on the main screen, nothing shows. This process works fine on my desktop. Oh, I have the LB 8 mp 95degree camera. I recently recalibrated maybe thinking that would help but didn’t. What now?

Have you run the alignment process on the surface pro as well? You can export the camera info from the desktop machine by right-clicking in the camera control window and choosing ‘Export’. Then import that camera info on the other machine. Try that and let me know if it’s still not working.

No I didn’t calibrate on my laptop also. I downloaded to my laptop several updates ago and I have used it since and it worked fine. Since the last update 9:20 is when I couldn’t get the image to pull up on update overlay. I used LB and the camera tonight with the desk top and it worked fine. All I normally do is just unplug the camera USB from the desk top and plug into the surface and it has worked fine until the last update. I will try the export/import thing and get back with you. Thanks OZ!

I did what you suggested and it worked OZ! I have not tried the accuracy yet but it did get me a picture on the screen. Every time i calibrate, do i have to do it on each computer, or can i calibrate on my desktop and export to my lap top using this process that you suggested? Thank you for your response!

You can export the calibration just as you did - assuming it’s the same camera connected to both machines, the calibration data should be sharable like that.

You also shouldn’t have to calibrate more than once. Alignment might be necessary once in a while, if the camera gets bumped, but unless you change the camera lens, calibration is a one time thing.

Ok thank you sir! Good to know! I have another question. Not sure if it needs to be in this post or go to another topic. I changed mounts to the LB mount for the LB camera. After calibration, while zooming in to my project on the honeycomb bed, the closer I zoom in the more distorted it gets. I am trying to engrave on a line and when I zoom in with my roller on my mouse, the image gets distorted and I loose the line. It seemed I better clarity before I changed mounts. Does this sound right or am I doing something wrong?

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Can you show a couple screen shots of what you mean?

Ok I will in the morn

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