Issue with closing LB after saving a new file

If I start a brand new file in LightBurn and then save it either as a LBRN or LBRN2 format file. Then immediately after saving the file I try to close LightBurn it will ask me if I want to save the file and it makes me enter the name again as if I had not just saved it.

I just tried to reproduce this behavior on my MacBook Pro and can not. I create new file, draw rectangle, click the save icon, dialog for naming and save location shown, name and commit save hitting the ‘Save’ button on that screen. Dialog goes away and UI is back to LightBurn. Then without doing anything else first, close LightBurn. I am not presented with the “Want to Save”, LightBurn just closes without any issues.

I will try on Windows a few hrs when back in shop. What else can you share to help us reproduce here? What version and which OS?

I am using Windows 10 with version 0.9.23

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