Issue with CO2 Galvo marking

i have some issue with marking - Mactron 60W Galvo C02, originally with EzCad 2, but we are using Lighburn (latest version). It marks fine, but sometimes (like 1 piece on 200-300 pieces) at the end of marking it starts working in strange way (with much more power then set). Effects as seen on images - one with positive result and the other with negative. I have log from Lighburn, but don’t know how to read it. it contains marking with same logo (parameters and so on) first some good results ant the last one went wrong). Log in the link.

  • link to the Lighburn project
    23 12 660.lbrn2 - Google Drive
    The issue occurs not only with this project, but happened with like 10 previous projects.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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