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Hi I was hoping someone could help, I’ve recently purchased an mks sbase board to swap over to but for some reason lightburn has an issue with it? Not sure what I need to do to fix the issue

That’s not a LightBurn message - anything showing in the console is the board you’re running. That’s Smoothieware telling you that it doesn’t like that board, not LightBurn.

I suspect this is because the MKS boards are the cheapest possible Chinese clones, using poor hardware, and doing nothing to support the community whose work they’re copying, but likely adding support headaches. The Smoothieware team has fired a shot across the bow.

i just hate that. i run smoothie on MKS and BTT boards successfully. its the smoothieware guys that chose this way of telling us we should have purchased their 10 times more expensive boards instead. They might be frustrated and rightfully entitled to force the Chinese to share their flavors of Smoothie but I would have chosen a more appropriate message over this intimidating language.

It’s not entirely wrong though - The chip in question is slower, from a lower yield, and some versions of them are overclocked, making it likely that they’ll see failures, and then I assume that the Smoothieware people are the ones that get asked for help. Do you have someone at MKS or BTT that you contact if your board doesn’t work, or you need help with configuration?

Can’t argue with that but i run 3 Chinese boards for 3 years daily.
Yes, they can malfunction on me any time but so far and for $60 for ALL 3 they still run.
I am not a rich guy. if i need to chose between $180 for a single board before shipping and harbor fees + taxes (final cost can easily reach $300 for single board) or $18 board which i buy two for backup which i get in my mailbox…well…
And, I never used a backup till now - i have a new MKS and SKR boards as a backup - The spare MKS one is now 3 years(!) in my spare parts box…

I learn as i go and I know I will be buying new boards next year as they get better and faster, so paying ~ $300 for a single board is not something i am willing to accept.

“Can’t argue with that…” - proceeds to argue with that. :wink:

The Smoothieware people didn’t just make the board - they support it, they wrote the firmware, and continue to work on it. Cohesion 3D makes a version of the board that uses high quality to-spec components, they support the boards, and even contracted me (paid) to update the Smoothie firmware to get around the raster speed limitations. When people ask, “can I run the new firmware in an MKS?” it makes me angry - they’re asking if they can have the result of significant time and effort without supporting that effort in any way.

“I’m not a rich guy” is not an excuse to use the work of others without compensation.


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It allowed me to replace my M2 board with Smoothie which followed by me purchasing LightBurn :wink:

Just so my point will not be forgotten: i started by saying that I hate the way they chose to intimidate us with this cold welcoming message. that’s basically it.


Just so your point isn’t lost: You’re saying ‘I’m OK with MKS pushing all their design and support onto someone else, because it means I can buy cheap stuff’

Yep, we get it.

Of course, being open source, you can remove the firmware comment that has triggered your selfish response, instead of whining that they are intimidating you.

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You’re a better man than me, Ray :wink:

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I looked into it out of curiosity as soon as this topic was started. Didn’t know this was already a thing for a while.

On an unrelated note, the word “deprecated” is used a lot in the code. :slight_smile:

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