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i’m new here and i’ve had an engraving machine for a few weeks. i engrave wood with and we make our packaging boxes that way. we now have the problem that no matter which engraving method we use, the engravings always look a little different. we first engraved with the “grayscale” method, the first and second were great, but then the results got worse and worse. especially the gray gradations and de details become worse/weaker. then we tried with the method “atkinson”, here the same - even if we engrave three with each other (in the pictures, the left super, middle bad, right average) → they should all come out the same.
what we checked: focus / angle / dirt on the lens - everything seems to be ok…
settings: laser power max 80% min 0% speed: 4000 / 300+ dpi / and we tried all 3 filling methods
graver: neje master 2s plus with 30w laser head

we are grateful for any tip and thank you already for your help
best regards and happy easter

The machine you are using is a hobby grade machine. Not rated for continuous use.

I suspect that it needs a decent amount of time between engravings to cool down.

a ‘30W’ diode laser doesn’t exist. They approximate the performance of a 30W optical output laser by ‘pumping’ the power higher than the diode was designed for. This significantly reduces the lifetime of the diode, as well as pushing it way outside the temperature envelope they were designed to work at.

Try doing one, leaving it 15 minutes, then doing a second one.

If it’s consistent, then you are either going to need a second machine to alternate, get better cooling to your diode, or buy a CO2 laser.

Hi there bonjour, so you assume that the diode will get too much hot? we will try that instand and get back to you… thanks for the help - but there is one question left… here we did all the 3 at the same time… the mschine did all these in one row… the upper (right-hand) is perfect - the one in the middle is the weakest and the lower (left-hand) is avarrage… if the diode get to hot, why the upper keeps beeing the perfetct result while the other twos are not… its not done one by another, they are all done in the same time… (laser moving form upper to lower… thank you!

Wood isn’t consistent, and you have 3 different types - they will behave differently.

To get consistent results, try pre-treating the wood with a wash or baking soda.

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thank you very much @Bonjour ! we really appriciate your help

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