Issue with double image

I have the Ortur LM2 not pro.
If when I am done with a burn, move nothing on bed and do not touch laser. Just tell light burn to run the job again. Everything shifts to right and up by a mm or 2. I have found that if AFTER the burn and before I hit start. IF I hit the home button, the LM2 rehomes and then the lines are dead on.
I don’t know if this can be corrected. I can reproduce this issue easy.
Any thing that can be done, so if I forget to home my works is not scrap?

Show us. The wording used is a bit difficult to envision. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you are using “Current Position”. When you use current position the laser will start from where it stopped. You want to use “user origin” which is where you choose a home spot and an end spot and it will start and stop from there.


Well now with the latest update its working great.
My issue was draw a shape, do not hit home, tell it to run a second time with out moving anything and the lines would not match.
This seems to be fixed with latest update.

Glad to learn this is sorted. :slight_smile: