Issue with drift when Cutting?

Hey there guys! I"m new to Laser carving/cutting. I was making some spell slot trackers for D&D and I notice that I start to have a drift of the laser and i’m not sure what’s causing this. I have had it happen previously on some coins I made as well where when it would switch to a new layer everything was off by a quarter inch. However this time, in switching the fill first, i’m noticing the lines are drifting still. I lowered my acceleration and it still seems to be happening. Will post a picture below! Thanks!

So I have the numbers on a lower layer and when I switch to them as far as I can tell it shifted over. On this list one it is more of a gradual shift as I have two circles going second and you can see with the numbers how as it moves along it gets more and more askew

Check in Edit > Machine Settings, under the Vendor settings, for the X and Y axis values of ‘PWM rising edge valid’. This controls which side of the motor pulse the motor drivers are expected to respond to, and if it’s wrong, it will cause very slow drift of jobs over time, and will cause engraving to skew at an angle.

If you do change it, write the value down first, and if it makes no difference (or gets worse) put it back. Speed and acceleration being too high are the two settings that most commonly cause slip, especially if the job contains lots of small moves. What are the speed & acceleration settings of your controller? (post a screen shot of the Edit > Machine Settings window)

I lowered my Max x acceleration from 15000 to 6400 but I didn’t notice a lot of difference. I will say that it particularly seems to happen only when a lot of the small moves are made and it does appear to be only on the x-axis

The max acceleration in vendor settings is a maximum / limit applied to everything else, but as far as I know it’s not used much.

Idle Acceleration, Min / Max Acceleration (in the Cut parameters), and Engraving X acceleration are the ones that generally affect it the most.

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