Issue with Enable Rotary Button in Main Window

I am having an issue using a rotary to engrave. If I use the Rotary Setup button to enable the rotary (with Mirror Output to Rotary turned on) the project engraves perfectly. If I use the Enable Rotary switch in the Main Window, Lightburn indicates that the Enabled Mode(s): Rotary in green at the bottom of the Main Window, that the output is mirrored at the top of the Main window, and the green dot appears on the Rotary Setup button in the toolbar. When the project is sent to laser, it is engraved in reverse (not mirrored). I am using an Elegoo Phecda 20W laser with the Elegoo rotary and LB 1.5.05. It’s not a big deal, just would be nice to just click on the button in the Main window to turn the rotary on and off.

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