Issue with engraving

Hi everyone, I’m having issues with engraving. the engraving starts well but then starts shifting. see pics.
I’m using an Ortur laser master 2. I’ve been playing with the settings, they are as follows.
interval- .064
Image mode- Threshold.
the file is jpg.

any help would be much appreciated!

Over what time / distance? “906” is not a speed, 906 MPH is, and so is 906 mm/sec, 906 in/min.

That said, you may be trying to move faster than the system can go without missing or skipping steps, shifting and generally undesirable results. This shifting looks mechanical to me, check to ensure everything is moving smoothly without binding, the belts are tight, but not too tight.

hey Rick,

Thanks for the reply! yes I forgot to include the metric, the speed is in mm/m. I believe that isn’t too fast but I really don’t know the system. I also thought about the mechanical aspect, I will dive deeper into that.

Hey Rick, thanks so much for your insight! the belts were a bit loose, working perfectly now.


Share the new result. Com’on, we need proof! :wink:

Glad to hear things are sorted.

for sure, here it is.


Nice, and on what looks like western red cedar tongue and grove. :slight_smile:

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