Issue with fill mode & cant see overscanning

I have been trying to engrave (fill) some letters on cast acrylic but the quality I am getting is really bad. The size of the letters is 10mm high or lower. So far I have tried multiple settings (from Speed:600 & 45% power - Speed:100 & 15% Power) all with similar results. I thought I could resolve the issue with overscanning settings but the Overscanning option is not available on the window. The lamp I have is 180W with Ruida controler.
I am attaching pictures from the engraved item and the screenshot from the layer window. Would really appriciate if anyone could help

I think you’re melting your engraving. The line spacing you have chosen is very small, it will surprise me if your laser beam is thinner than 0.1mm. At my 40 Watt I use for acrylic 0.2 mm (127 lpi), decent speed, low energy and only a little air to keep the nozzle clean.
Sometimes I use cross-hatch with 0.5mm line spacing, it also gives a nice effect.

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Thank you for the feedback. The issue here it that the lines go out of the letter edges. So I think there are other issues I need to resolve firtst :frowning:
Apart from that I am still trying to figure out why I am not seeing the overchanning option on the software

Maybe someone from @LightBurn could assitst me here

You have to look at your speed, the machine does not manage to slow down when changing lines. But with 180 Watts it will probably be a challenge in general, what is the lowest output power you have the option of?

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Because you have Ruida controller and overscanning is taken care of internally and you don’t get to change it.

FWIW, for engraving cast acrylic on my 80W ruida red&black I use about 250mm/sec @ ~14% power.
Your photos look like you’re blasting the hell out of it. I’d turn power down, speed up and maybe a larger scan interval. .07-.10?

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According to all the tests I ve done the lowest is 11%. Below that it doesnt really do anything.
As for speed I have seen the same issue in all settings. from 100 - 600

I will go and try today more settings. I will keep you guys posted.

My main issue so far is the part where is fills out of the lines. Not sure is this is an adjustment I need to fix on the machine or its a setting

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