Issue with initializing laser

I just received my C3D board to replace my M2Nano (super excited!!!). I initially had the device as a grbl. After reading the guide, I switched to Smoothie. It finally gave me a ‘Ready’ status.
I tried to ‘Home’ the head and this popped up. It keeps showing that it’s ‘Busy’ at 100%.

Can anyone help me?

It looks like you have “home on startup” enabled, as I can see “homing” up top right as it’s connecting.

Does it home correctly when you connect? And, is this in a K40, or a different machine? If it’s not a K40, you might need to make some changes to the config for everything to work properly.

Sorry, yes it’s a K40. GRBL did nothing. Said it was disconnected. It doesn’t move when I turn it on.
I’m trying new things. I’ll get back with ya.

Just FYI: the C3D LaserBoard ships with Smoothie firmware. To run GRBL the firmware must be written to the SD card on the LaserBoard in addition to selecting that device type in Lightburn. You can check out the C3D forum for more on that but you probably want to troubleshoot any issues in smoothie and get everything right before adding another variable to the equation.

I saw that but gathered that it if running anything below Windows 10. It stated that an SD card would be provided with the firmware. I didn’t have an SD card shipped with my board. I’m guessing because I told them I have Windows 10.

An SD card is required and should have shipped with the board. The configuration and/or firmware files reside on that card.

Check your board again and verify the presence (or absence) of the SD card please.

It is absent. I keep all shipping boxes for months after just in case. It’s not in there.
I saw that I didn’t need it because I am running Windows 10. Lemme find that post.

You do need it. There is no on board storage for the firmware. If you have an SD card handy you can flash it easily. You can find the needed files HERE. Extract the .zip file on your computer and write the firmware.bin and the config.txt files to the root of the SD card then insert the SD card (powered off of course) into the LaserBoards SD card slot. Power up and you should be ready to proceed. (This is more of a C3D diagnostic thread but this should rectify your issue so we can probably stay here as long as this solution works :slight_smile:)

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Brian, you’re awesome. I’m gonna try it.

By the way, this is to what I was referring.

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Yes the USB drivers and the board firmware are independent of one another. If the documentation seems vague I can report it and see if some clarification is in order.

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This is in one part of the documentation but if you missed it we may need to reference it again.

That was it! You rock, Brian. Thank you so much!

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The SD card should come in a plastic case in the same bubble wrap bundle as the board and sticker.

You can get a different sd card and put the necessary files on it, the files can be found on the C3D forum.

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I did read that but it said that if I had Windows 10, I didn’t need the firmware.
Thanks again. It’s running!

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no problem. enjoy!!!

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It said if you had windows 10 that you didn’t need to install USB drivers for the board. The firmware is a separate issue and must be present for the board to function.

Look at the screenshot above. It states that if I any Windows OTHER than 10, then I’d need the firmware. There’s another place where I saw the same thing.
But I have it etching right now thanks to all of you. And I am ENJOYING Lightburn immensely!!

I’m glad you got it working!

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