Issue with offset tool

Hey !

I am using this software for 2 years almost now. I have always had a weird issue that starts to become a problem, and I wanted to know if you had an explanation.

I cut streets in plexiglass. Sometimes on my file, the streets are too thin so I use the offset tool to thicken it. But randomly, while the file and streets are thick enough to be cut, some closed loops are disappearing.

I am sending you screenshots so you can see by yourself.

This filled area in black is supposed to be empty and cut like the rest of the streets.

How to prevent that ?

Hope you understood my problem.



Feel free to ask me questions if I wasnt clear enough guys ^^’

…if I am understanding this correctly, you’d need to make that black form in the third image be on the same layer as the rest for it to work as intended.

Because as is, the program is merely seeing that as a very fat line.

2193.lbrn (1.8 MB)
So look this is the original file, before i use the offset shape. What happens on your side at this particular place when you use it to thicken all the streets ?

First of all I cant actually see the place you are showing in that file (or I am completely missing it)
Second I dont know by how much you offset so I am not sur how accurate I could be on a whim.

Thanks for your answer.

This is the place. Also you can offset any number and you should be able to recreate the problem. (I typically use 0.3 to enlarge)

I think you may have sent the wrong project file as its showing it to be a map of Strasbourg rather then …what I admittedly cant read clearly in the second picture.

wow that’s true i’m sorry. Here is the good one. 2191.lbrn (540.0 KB)

2191fixmaybe.lbrn (1.2 MB)

I think this is what you want.
Sadly I cant actually explain why this is happening, but what I did was [after flipping it to work for me] ungroup the image, take the one problem area, move it to its own layer, apply the offset there and then do the same offset to the original layer, THEN move it back to the original layer.
I noticed when I upped the offset amount the shape of that one area just got …really strange for reasons I am not clever enough to understand, beyond it just , for some reason, not wanting to play well with offset while part of a bigger group.

Yeah this is how I do too ! Thanks for taking your time.

Since it happens so randomly on various files, my question was more “why is this happening” - as I usually notice it when the streets are already cut and out of the machine. I need to manually place it back in the machine and 30% of the time it’s a mess ahah.

But thank you for trying anyway :slight_smile:

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