Issue with small curved text

I am trying to laser small tokens with text and an image but I am running into an issue with the text where it lasers twice in two different places. The text is very small and curved. I have tried using different layers, settings, dpi, focus heights etc with no success. My laser works just fine with everything else and I have never had a problem so far. I thought maybe the laser tracks were out of square but I checked and it doesn’t appear that way. Any ideas?

Its a creality falcon laser.

Hi Luke

Typical issue with loose X belts
Try this - as a test

  • use the same design
  • on the engrave settings disable Bi-Directional engraving

Will the problem disappear?
if so, then you need to tighten your X belts

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Yes that seemed to be the issue. I tightened the belts and it worked perfectly. Thank you

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Fantastic news!

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