Issue with stepped ridges when cutting number digits

Sharing some additional internal discussion around the root cause potentials.

Oz: If their motor drivers use low microstepping, it absolutely could do this. Microsteps also have significantly less torque than full steps, so if the belts are over tight or the rails are dirty, that could contribute too. A starting point would be to check what the Machine Settings say the step size is for the X & Y axis. If the step size is large (like 0.05mm to 0.10mm) that would suggest low microstep resolution. Setting the current on the motor drivers too high can cause resonance and bounce when stepping which will also do weird things.
Not sure if the Polar controller has built in motor drivers or not, so it’s possible it could be tuned / improved.

It may be worth reaching back to OMTech for further diagnostic suggestions / procedures to confirm and investigate potential adjustments for maximum performance tuning. :slight_smile:

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I performed the test which was suggested and there is more vibration on the X compared to the Y, but not a really obvious ‘shudder’.
I have checked the step size for the X and Y which as both set to 44.349520 um.
I was cutting circles today and I am getting wobbly lines, I assume this would be related? Is my best course of action to contact Omtech directly now?

At this juncture, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to get some feedback on the testing results you have provided to see if they can offer additional diagnostic suggestions / procedures to confirm the issue. From that, they should be able to suggest corrective measures to get the maximum performance from your investment.

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