Issues after update to 1.6.03

I did the update, and now my grid that is normally there is gone. I went back in and re added the device, nothing. I try to start a new file, nothing. I can’t do anything. I can click on a tool, but I can’t do anything with it.

Perhaps the grid contrast went to Off:

It’s also possible to zoom so far in or out that the entire workspace becomes invisible. In that case, the Zoom to Page tool will find it:

LightBurn - Zoom to Page

If those don’t fix it, a screenshot showing what you see will help us see it, too.

I checked the contract and it was set to low, but I moved it to high and nothing. I also did the zoom, and nothing.

This is what my desktop looks like.

My settings.

Select a device. Bottom of laser tab.


BINGO, thanks so much. I had to re add the laser, which I did. I thought that would tell it what it needed, but I guess not!


Well seems something else has cropped up. It won’t show all my layers. I have a layer 4, but it will not show up on my cut/layer list.

I have not had issues like this with an update before.

image 3

Never mind. I just needed to reset LB.